All kids have dreams and goals.

Assessing, testing, and guiding kids helps turn goals into reality.
You have to know…to grow.

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Behind the scenes in Mississippi

The Golden Years
July 28, 2016

Traveling the country and learning about education in different states and cities has been really insightful. As you'd expect, everyone wants what is best for their kids, but each state is looking at education and specifically...
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Cut to the chase: most parents value tests

July 15, 2016

This week, yet another poll was released on parents’ attitudes toward educational standards and testing. This one focused on 1,200 parents, in three subgroups that have been of particular interest in the testing debate:...
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Why I’m pro-testing, pro-union, pro-teacher

The Bathtub Moment
June 15, 2016

How we as parents view education is shaped, in part, by our own personal experiences—what we observe, what our child experiences, how our communities are affected by education, the quality of our school, the challenges we face at...
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The Red Herring of “Teaching to the Test”

June 14, 2016

There's no better way to get a parent riled up than to invoke the phrase "teaching to the test." Immediately, we start thinking of classrooms devoid of creativity, the joys and discovery of learning banished from the classroom as...
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Don’t mistake arrogance for awareness

The Bathtub Moment
June 13, 2016

Years ago, I joined other parent leaders in my community to lobby our school board for a full-day kindergarten program, not because it would benefit my kids (it wouldn’t) but because it was an important investment toward closing...
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Paying the price for good grades

The Bathtub Moment
June 07, 2016

Sam Radford’s daughter got straight As in school. That should be the gold standard for being in good shape to go to college, right? Wrong. We travelled to Buffalo, New York to talk to Sam and get his story. Watch Sam's clip below...
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Willing, but unprepared: The $1.5 billion price tag of remedial education

June 06, 2016

Recently, we visited upstate New York to talk to families about their feelings on testing (scroll down for the video). One of the things that comes up the most frequently is the role that standardized tests play in shining a...
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Are kids learning what I’m teaching? Formative assessments

May 27, 2016

“How do I know if what I’m doing is really helping my students to learn?” I bet that every good teacher asks herself or himself that question hundreds of times during a school year. A new report from Education First on...
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How prepared are African-American students for college?

May 20, 2016

Did you know that a recent survey of African-American students shows that fully 85 percent of those kids want to go to college, and yet only 6 percent are actually academically prepared for college? That's an incredible finding....
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Why we’re doing this.

As parents around the country form opinions about the value of testing in schools, they’re raising lots of questions: Are the tests good? What do they do? Why do they matter? Are there too many of them? Are they fair?

Many parents accept tests as a part of life. They shrug and see the general value of good tests—in limited amounts—to help keep track of how kids are doing in school. But some parents are very opposed to this—so much that they’ve decided to not let their kids take standardized tests.

But there’s a bigger story out there beyond whether or not to take standardized tests. What drives parents to form these opinions about testing?

What all parents have in common is love for their kids and a need to help their kids turn dreams into reality. How parents engage in their kids’ learning, how they motivate their kids through challenges and failure, how they build resilience and independence in their children to prepare them not just for school and careers, but for life—these attitudes help shape parent perspectives on everything from the value of strong relationships with teachers to the value of knowing how kids are doing through assessments and tests.

We’re travelling around the country meeting parents and getting their candid, unscripted observations on the power of knowing how their kids are doing. That includes tests, but it includes so much more. And that’s part of the story.

Join the story.

We’re all about parents talking about their love for their kids, their excitement and commitment to their kids’ dreams, and the power of knowing how their kids are doing to make those dreams a reality.

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